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I'm Loretta Frantti,
owner and agent here at 
Frantti Insurance Services


Loretta Frantti | Owner | Agent

Frantti Insurance Services is a family-owned business with over 19 years of friendly and efficient insurance experience.

We specialize in auto, home, life, and commercial insurance in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.

With 40+ companies to shop through, our aim is to make buying or switching insurance as straightforward and simple as possible, while providing you with great rates. Building relationships with current and future clients is what we thrive on! Trust is very important to us and we aim to complete any request in an efficient and timely manner. Basically, we love to take the hassle out of the whole insurance process and meet new and awesome people along the way! 


Thank you for stopping by! Call us today for a quote.

Don't worry, no strings attached. We won't hassle you, however, we are pretty sure you will like what you hear.

Let's have a conversation.

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Loretta Frantti

Owner | Agent

WI. 920.492.8210

MI. 906.281.2644

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