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We are Frantti Insurance Services,
an independent insurance agency serving
Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.

Insurance so easy, you'll buy more. 


It's all about the process,

and the process here is simple. ​

1. Contact us

2. We find a quote for you

3. You agree to the quote

4. We write it up

5. You sign, we sign

6. You're covered





We work for you. On your timeline. All hours of the day.

We are a multi service agency, precisely the right combination. For you that means unmatched service 24/7, cost savings by bundling and getting back on track to meet your goals. We aim to make the process of buying or switching insurance as smooth and straightforward as possible, all while maintaining a high level of trust.

We are not stuck to just one big name, in fact, we have 40+ big name companies to shop through.

Let us do the work of shopping the best rates and coverage for your exact needs. All you need to do is make the call today.

Let's have a conversation.

No frills, no upsells
just simple trusted insurance.

If you are an

If you own a 

What our clients are saying 

Ted says


"Loretta is easy to work with! She is always there for you to answer any questions. I would highly recommend getting a quote!"

Tara Granius says:

"Frantti Insurance Agency is one of the best agencies we have ever worked with! We own several businesses and Loretta has helped us sort through things (multiple times) without complaining and with very prompt attention. She is quick to do follow up and truly cares about the best for each & every single one of her customers. Funny thing is, we still haven't met face to face, but she still treats us like family. We have several friends now that have received this same type of service from her. 


We would give them 10 stars if it were possible. Their service is truly second to NO ONE!!"

Katie F. Says:


"From the moment we switched to Loretta 3 years ago, she's been nothing short of amazing! We had our car hit just before switching to her and even though she wasn't our representing agent at the time of the accident, she took care of it 100%. Not once did I hear from my other insurance company covering the hit and run. 

She has saved us over $1,000+ since switching for both home and auto and is always continuing to find us the best deals and coverage. 


I don't fully understand how insurance works and she's great at explaining and making sure we have great coverage without paying for things we don't need. 

Loretta is always honest, upfront and is very quick to respond and take care of things. 

I highly recommend her to everyone we know and will continue to!"

Janelle says


"Loretta has been amazing to work with. I broke my windshield; I was scraping the snow and ice off before I left to go to a funeral. I called Loretta on the way to let her know what happened. By the time I got out of the funeral, Loretta had already filed the claim and scheduled the appointment to get it fixed. I have never experienced that kind of service from any other insurance provider, so I was shocked at how quickly she responded. She has since responded with the same efficient and friendly service every time I contact her. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

We are your one stop shop for insurance. We're here to take the hassle out of your search for affordable insurance.
We work with insurance companies of all sizes. Big name or small, they all have something to offer. With so many options, we will find the best rates for you. 

Contact us today!

Thanks! Message sent.

Loretta Frantti
Owner | Agent
Phone (WI): 920-492-8210

Phone (MI): 906-281-2644

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